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Spring 2024 Season is Here!

Updated: May 26

Well, it's time to get those lawns in gear for the summer. Make sure that by now you've aerated and cleared your lawns of thatch and leaves left over from last year. A good cut in our region should have been done by now and with all the rain we are getting in the mid-Atlantic region we have vigorously fertilized and seeded many of our lawns. This is my 10th year as a gardener( in the professional sense) and there are so many personal goals tied to where I would like to see our company and the types of work I hope we do. I expect to complete tasks outside of our home base as we travel to advise, inspire, and most of all...CREATE!! #urbangardening for us isn't just a trend but the direction we all need to develop if we are to save this wonderful planet we call home. Thanks for being a critical part of our journey and We hope to meet you on the roads that life takes us. Here's to happy gardening from all of us at #thegeorgetownlandscapingcompany

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