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One man's Garden story

The Landscaping Disaster That Became A Neighborhood Sensation

It all started so innocently. John Riggorio, a resident of the upscale Great Falls community in Virginia, decided he wanted to spruce up his backyard. Being a do-it-yourself kind of guy, he figured how hard could landscaping be? Oh, how wrong he was...John's first attempt involved building a small retaining wall to create a raised flower bed. After purchasing the materials from his local hardware store, he got to work digging holes and cementing the blocks into place. When he stepped back to admire his handiwork, he realized the "wall" looked more like a drunken snake slithering across his lawn. Undeterred, he plowed ahead.Next came the bushes and trees John had purchased from a big box garden center. He dutifully dug holes and plopped them in, failing to account for their future growth. A few months later, his once open backyard now resembled a dense jungle. The bushes were growing over the pathways and the trees were blocking the sun completely. It was a gardening catastrophe.At this point, John decided to call in professional help. He hired a local landscaping company that was supposedly one of the best in the area. However, their idea of "fixing" things involved ripping out all of the plants and leaving John with a barren, muddy pit for a backyard. So much for professionals.Dejected, John tried two more landscapers with equally disastrous results. One covered his yard in gaudy statues of gnomes and flamingos. The other attempted to build a "natural" pond which turned into a smelly swamp breeding ground for mosquitos. Just when John was about to give up all hope, he discovered The Georgetown Landscaping Company. It took some time to schedule everything. They are a small but tremendously busy company. From the moment they arrived, he knew these folks were different. They actually listened to his ideas and came up with an innovative plan to salvage his yard.

The Backyard Transformation

With an expert eye for design, the Georgetown crew created a stunning multi-level landscape with beautiful stonework, lush gardens, and meandering pathways. A soothing waterfall feature provided a perfect peaceful backdrop. Ornamental trees and shrubs were positioned for maximum aesthetic impact while still allowing plenty of open space.John's formerly embarrassing yard was now the envy of every house on the street. Neighbors came by constantly to admire the work and ask for the company's name. Thanks to The Georgetown Landscaping Company, John's backyard had gone from a laughingstock to a masterpiece.The moral of the story? Hire a company that has the expertise, resources and commitment to get the job done right from the very start. The Georgetown Landscaping Company proved that with a creative vision and an experienced team, even a total landscaping disaster can be transformed into something spectacular. John is eternally grateful that he found them amidst the rubble of his failed attempts!

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